• What are the delivery times?

    All our deliveries and installations are carried out within 14 days of the order being placed. All your furniture will be delivered and installed at the same time. Some orders may have longer delivery times depending on our stock. We recommend that you order your furniture 3 weeks in advance.

  • Is there an additional cost for the delivery and installation of my furniture?

    Our service includes the installation and delivery of your furniture. A small survey will be sent to you before your order is confirmed. If you do not have a lift, live above the second floor and do not have a reasonable parking space, additional charges may apply.

  • Do I need to provide identification when ordering?

    Yes, we will ask you for a copy of your ID (ID card, passport, driving licence) on the day of delivery of your furniture.

  • Where does the furniture in your catalogue come from?

    We work with brands such as Pols Potten in France, Lorena Canal, Bloomingville in Denmark and other luxury brands. Our furniture is made to last. We select them for the quality of the materials used in their manufacture, their provenance and their durability. All our products are also selected for their comfort and design.

  • Is the furniture installed on site?

    Some of the furniture is pre-assembled in our warehouse to save you time. Some furniture will have to be assembled on site but our teams are (almost) lightning fast. Sit back, relax, you won't see the time pass.

  • Is it possible To buy my furniture?

    Yes, at Swaap we want to offer our customers the greatest flexibility and we know that you can fall in love with your furniture. So we offer you the opportunity to purchase at any time during your subscription. Simply email us at info@swaap.ch and one of our team will send you a quote.

  • Is your furniture all new?

    At Swaap, we are developing a circular economy and have implemented a maintenance and cleaning procedure that allows us to refurbish all our products and give them a second life. We pay close attention to the condition of the furniture we provide for you. The furniture you receive for hire is either new or as good as new. The furniture you buy is all new.

  • Can I exchange furniture during my subscription?

    Indeed, you can exchange one or more of your interior products during your subscription. The fee for this service is CHF 99 per change. This includes the cost of replacement, delivery of your new products and the return of those you wish to exchange. Your monthly payment will be adjusted according to the price of the new items selected.

  • Is there a notice period for returning my furniture?

    Indeed, you must inform us - by e-mail, telephone or via your personal space - at least 20 days before the end of your subscription to indicate the desired date for the return of your furniture. We will contact you to confirm a time together.

  • What happens if I damage or break one of my pieces of furniture?

    We want you to enjoy your furniture to the full. We simply ask that you take care of it as you would your own personal items. If your use of the furniture requires extensive repairs, maintenance or cleaning, our team will determine the repair or replacement costs on a case by case basis.