#Made in Switzerland

Our story is not so different from yours

"We like to move around, discover new cities, decorate our new home. We like to invite our friends and relatives. To share unforgettable moments. We like to feel at home. - Carolann

"With Swaap, I want to offer a furniture rental solution in Switzerland to all mums who, like me, don't want to compromise on their children."

Carolann has a degree in art promotion with a keen awareness of art, architecture and interior design. She loves to express her individuality through furniture and interior design.

But creating your own home is not always easy.

"Each time, the same constraints face us. We waste time, energy and money buying our furniture, which often doesn't look like us. We wait again and again to receive it and assemble it. Only to sell them off a few months later... " - Stanislas

"Swaap was launched in 2021 with a simple concept - A furniture rental service that fits our current lifestyle."

Tenants in the city move on average every 1-2 years. Tastes evolve, living conditions change, budgets fluctuate, and many can't or won't commit to buying quality furniture, they end up falling back on cheaper alternatives that aren't built to last."

We dreamed of a turnkey furniture rental in Switzerland.

"Un service de location de meubles flexible qui nous permettrait de profiter de notre mobilité et d’un intérieur design, confortable et fun. Que nous restions 6 ou 12 mois dans ce nouveau lieu, nous devrions pouvoir l’appeler notre ‘Chez-nous'" - Deborah

"Access to high-end furniture can be quite expensive when you are a student or even a young worker just starting out! "

Feeling good at home has a huge impact on your state of mind. It's where you sit and relax, be creative, gather your thoughts. That's why giving people access to beautiful, quality furniture via a premium furniture rental service in Geneva, Lausanne and other cities in Switzerland to make them feel at home is the right starting point for our mission."

So we created Swaap!

Our lifestyles are changing and so are our consumption patterns. By offering the first premium furniture rental service with an option to buy, Swaap finally gives you the flexibility you've been looking for.